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Kit, Supplemental Cap and Plug
Product Number 12-999-07
This kit used in combination with ZTSE4891 providing an assortment of caps and plugs required to prevent dirt and debris from entering powertrain and / or chassis systems during service.

Kit should contain the following:
1. T-7 (7pcs)
2. T-9 (4pcs)
3. T-11X (6pcs)
4. T-13 (7pcs)
5. T-15X (2pcs)
6. T-17 (1pc)
7. T-43X (4pcs)
8. T-53 (1pc)
9. T-1067 (2pcs)
10. T-1072 (1pc)
11. CPT-10 (1pc)
12. T-1050 (1pc)

Applicable to:
Heavy Duty , Severe Series , 2017 International A26 , 2021 International A26 , HV , HX , LT , Base Engine , 12 Engine Systems , General Shop Tools
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