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Oxygen & NOx Sensor Socket - International Branded (TI)(TAG)
Product Number 88750B
Oxygen & NOx Sensor Socket - International Branded
Essential tool used to assist with on-vehicle removal / installation of the NOx & Oxygen sensors. Applicable Sensors: NOx & Oxygen Sensors. The ultimate tool which includes a 12 point and 6 point Spline Grip Drive™ to remove those stubborn "frozen-in-place" sensors reducing damage to sensors. Enables the technician to access confined areas commonly associated where these sensors are located. Size: 22mm.

Applicable to:
Bus , Medium Duty , Heavy Duty , 2013 N10 w/SCR , 2013 N13 w/SCR , 2013 N9 w/SCR , 2015 N13 w/SCR , 2015 PSI 8.8L Propane , 2017 International A26 , 2018 PSI 8.8L Gasoline , 2019 PSI 8.8L Propane , AE, BE, CE & Integrated Bus , HV , HX , LT , RH , Base Engine , EGR Components , Emissions Control Components , 12 Engine Systems , 18 SCR After Treatment , 22 IC Bus
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