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Infra-Red Receiver & Software Pack
Product Number A124
This item is to be used in conjunction with software that can be downloaded from Navistar's EZ-Tech Download Center. Windows 7 or 10 is required. Please download the Midtronics EXP HD IR Reader v1.4 (Ref. iKNow Article IK2700065). Enables the user to transfer test data from the EXP-1000-HD-NAV unit to a computer via Infrared technology. The user can then print the battery test results from their computer.

Important Note: The EZ-Tech model CF-54 does not have a 9 pin serial connector needed for the Infra-Red Receiver. Please make sure you are using an adapter (USB to Serial DB-9) compatible with Windows 10 operating system (FTDI Chipset).

Please be advised the legacy adapter (Prolific) used with the legacy IC4 or IPT tool will NOT work on a computer running Windows 10 OS.

*** ATTENTION DEALER SERVICE MANAGERS *** On the International Service Portal page, locate and click on Service reference -> Battery Management Information System (BMIS) and log into your dealers Midtronics BMIS account to see, track and print ALL battery test results right from your computer.

Are you having trouble linking your Midtronics Battery Tester to your Midtronics Battery Management Information System (BMIS) account? Simply refer to iKNow Article TL2900136 or refer to the Midtronics Handheld Battery Tester Quick Reference Guide on International's Service Portal page -> Publications -> Document Type -> Users Guide and follow the instructions on the back-side of the document to quickly gain access to your account.

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