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Battery and Electrical System Analyzer
Product Number BCT-460NAVK
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The BCT-460NAV is the ultimate handheld electrical system tester specifically designed for the heavy-duty truck market. Through the use of state of the art digital circuitry and a separable tablet and control module, the BCT-460 delivers accurate, reliable, and fast testing results all-in-one new innovative Wi-Fi enabled device.

NEW Feature!
International 360 integration allows a user to automatically store test records in International 360 portal via AMPNET

• Includes a perpetual subscription to Auto Meter’s AMPNET cloud data management services
• Innovative tablet based truck electrical system analyzer with wireless remote load module
• Includes a ruggedized control module with a 7”, wide viewing angle touch screen user interface. Load module lithium-ion battery is both rechargeable and replaceable
• True load test for 6 and 12 volt batteries (including AGM)
• Performs battery pack testing (up to 4 batteries)
• Tests 12 and 24 volt starting and charging systems
• Tests 6 and 12 volt batteries rated between 100-1600 CCA
• Provides a significant load during testing for incredible accuracy, even on partially discharged batteries
• Provides Quick PM tests for battery pack, starter, alternator (Up to 450 Amp output), and cable voltage drop tests
• Provides full electrical system test similar to the RP-129B
• Delivers a clear snapshot of cranking RPM for enhanced diagnostics (patent pending) • Includes automatic voltage drop testing on starter, alternator, and lift-gate cables and connectors
• Includes built in non-contact IR battery temperature measurement. Also includes port for optional inductive current probe
• Wi-Fi enabled for automatic real time data collection and customer communications
• Performs lift gate testing with separately sold adaptors
• Field replaceable, plug and play leads for easy tool maintenance
• Step by step graphical troubleshooting instructions guide user through the testing process and clear, next step advice Operation
•With the use of a microprocessor, a substantial true load, and AutoMeter’s patented digital pulse load testing protocol, the BCT-460 accurately measures the battery’s capacity and recovery for a comprehensive state of health assessment. Capable of detecting bad cells and “near end of life” conditions.
•The BCT-460 applies a true load to the battery in order to simulate real world operating conditions
• Charging System test results measure alternator current output, voltage regulation, diode ripple, and also starter cranking RPM (patent pending).
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Applicable to:
Bus , Medium Duty , Heavy Duty , Electronic Engine Components , 08 Electrical
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