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Software, Health Report - Perpetual (Electronic Delivery)
Product Number HERO-SC01

With its advanced capabilities, HeRo (Health Report software) collects vehicle information, Diagnostic Troubleshooting Codes (DTCs) and other vital data points from the vehicle communication network. This network is made up of modules like the J1939 Modules, Engine Control Module, Aftertreatment Control Module, Body Control Module, Brake Control Module and the Transmission Control Module.

HeRo collects all this data and compiles it into a vehicle health report, which can be displayed from within the application.In addition, HeRo also posts these health reports to OnCommand Connection* and the Navistar Service Portal**, which add additional information such as open campaigns on the vehicle and fault code action plans.

* OnCommand Connection subscription included with purchase of HeRo.
** Navistar Service Portal sold separately.


Applicable to:
Engine Software
This product can be found in the following kits:
NED-NAV-HeRo  NED, NavKal Pro, and HeRo Software Bundle (Electronic Delivery)
Navistar Engine Diagnostics, NavKal Pro, and HeRo Software Bundle

*** Buy the Software bundle: NavKal™ Pro and NED So

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