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Connector, Replacement (2Connectors, 2 Locks) (2PK)
Product Number TXT126870332
Connector, Engine Coolant Level (ECL) (2Connectors, 2 Locks)
Replacement Connector. To replace damaged connector terminals, please order Pigtail kit TXT126870333 or TXT126870166.

Applicable to:
Bus , Heavy Duty , Severe Series , 2013 N10 w/SCR , 2013 N13 w/SCR , 2013 N9 w/SCR , 2015 PSI 8.8L Propane , 2019 PSI 8.8L Propane , International A26 , 9000i Series , AE, BE, CE & Integrated Bus , HV , HX , LoneStar , LT , PayStar , ProStar , RH , TranStar , WorkStar , Electronic Engine Components , 08 Electrical , 22 IC Bus
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