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3-Piece Air Hammer Pneumatic Drifts - International Branded
Product Number 11600
3-Piece Air Hammer Pneumatic Drifts
Remove long bolts (shock bolts & suspension arm bolts) that have become stuck in place due to rust and time. These bolts are often too long for conventional pin punches or tapered drifts to push the bolt through a rusty bushing sleeve. The 11600 has a 5" long driver section allowing easy removal of rusty bolts and long pins when attached to an air hammer. Fits: 8mm: 5/16" 10mm: 3/8" 12mm: 1/2"

Applicable to:
Bearings and Bushings , 01 Frame , 02 Front Axle , 03 Suspension , 05 Steering , 06 Prop Shaft , General Shop Tools
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