Shelter in Place Order: Illinois

Until Illinois returns to a full reopening, FedEx – Priority Overnight shipments are being handled as the highest priority. All other orders will ship out as resources allow.

Canadian Retail Sales

The Navistar Product Support Center has temporarily disabled retail catalog sales in Canada. Please contact a local International® dealership to purchase tools or software. International® dealerships can be located using the tool at

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What are the OS requirements needed to access this site?
There are no specific OS requirements for accessing this site, other than being able to support a minimum level web browser described below.
2. What are the Hardware requirements needed to access this site?
There are no specific hardware requirements for accessing this site other than supporting a minimum level web browser as described below. This site is designed to operate on numerous surfaces including smart phones, tablets and PCs
3. What are the Web Browser requirements for this site?
We take security of your data very seriously and therefore only support the latest encryptions. Your web browser must be capable of supporting TLS1.2 encryption. All the major, up to date, browsers support this already. If you cannot get to this site, try updating your browser, or switching to a different browser that is up to date.
4. How can I access a Cross-Reference Chart for Medium Duty Harness Repair?
Discontinued Harness and Connector components are listed in the description of the replacement parts and can be located by searching for the discontinued product. A copy of the Harness Repair Cross-Reference chart can also be obtained here.
5. I want to view order history for one of the locations I have access to. How can I access this?
You can access this feature by selecting the My Organization link in the My Account menu. If you have access to multiple locations, you will need to choose which location you want to review. The page that loads after you select a Dealer location is the Organization Profile. At the bottom of the page, you can access all of the Orders and Software Keys assigned to that location.
6. I entered my product key and now the software is trying to log me in as CYY0000. What is my password?

If the software attempts to log you in as CYY0000, then the product key was either invalid or incorrectly entered. Please check your product key and re-enter.

7. How do I extend my software subscription?
Extend time to a current subscription by entering an additional product key before the current subscription expires.

You can check how many days are remaining until the current key expires by selecting Help > Registration > View Registration Information.

Additional product keys can be added to the software by selecting Help > Registration > Extend / Change Edition.
8. How can I transfer my software license to another computer?

You can transfer a license to another computer by following the steps below:

  1. Open the application on the current computer.
  2. Click on Help > Registration > Unregister This machine > OK
  3. Input previous product key into application when installing on replacement computer.

9. Where do I find my Product Key number?

You can find your product key by following the steps below:

  1. Open the application on the current computer.
  2. Click on Help > Registration > View Registration Information

10. I forgot the password I use to access Navistar Software. How do I reset it?

If you have forgotten your password, please contact Dealership Support to reset your password:

  • US and Canada – (800) 527-7879
  • Latin America – (800) 527-7879 (International call rates apply)
  • Mexico – 01-800-713-9405 to rest your password.

Update your default password given by Dealership Support using Password Reset. If you do not update through this link it won’t let you continue.

11. The password I use to access Navistar Software has expired. How do I regain access to my account??

If your password has expired and you cannot continue, please contact Dealership Support to rest your password:

  • US and Canada – (800) 527-7879
  • Latin America – (800) 527-7879 (International call rates apply)
  • Mexico – 01-800-713-9405 to rest your password.

Update your default password given by Dealership Support using Password Reset. If you do not update through this link it won’t let you continue.

12. Where do I get a username and password to access Navistar software?
  • When you install the application, a screen pops up asking if you want to install it as a new or existing user.
  • Select New User.
  • Another screen pops up asking for your personal information. Type in your information and click on Submit.
    NOTE: You must type in a valid email address when completing the form.
  • The system will email you your username and password.
    NOTE: The password emailed to you is temporary and you MUST reset the password using the link emailed to you before logging into the application!
  1. Click on
  2. Enter your Username and temporary password provided from the confirmation email.
  3. pw1

  4. Click ‘Log In’.
  5. Create your new password.
  6. pw2

    • The length of the password must be at least 8 characters.
    • Do not include 3 or more consecutive characters from your Login ID (user ID) or your name in a password.
    • Use a complex password that includes at least 3 of the following rules:
    • 1 alphabet in lower case (a-z)
    • 1 alphabet in upper case (A-Z)
    • 1 digit (0-9)
    • 1 special character (@&!*%)
  7. Click ‘Change’
  8. You will receive a confirmation screen that your Password has been successfully changed.
  9. pw3

  10. Open your version of the software.
  11. Login with your Username and new Password through the User Authentication dialog box.


You are now ready to start using your software.

NOTE: You are required to change your password every 90 days.
13. What are the requirements for the password I use to access Navistar software?
Your password must have the following characteristics:
  • At least 8 characters
  • At least one upper case letter
  • At least one lower case letter
  • At least one number or special character
14. How often do I need to reset the password I use to access Navistar software, and where do I reset it?
You must reset your password every 90 days. Navistar applications will give you a warning when you have 7 days or less remaining. Passwords can be reset at
15. How often can I use the same password?
It is recommended that you use a unique password each time you reset your password.
16. Can I use the same username and password for multiple Navistar applications?
The same username and password can be used for Navistar® Engine Diagnostics, Diamond Logic® Builder, NavKal™, and HeRo.
17. I need additional CYY usernames. How many can I get, and how do I do so?

Up to 5 additional usernames can be created within the software application. This can be accessed by selecting Help > Registration > Request Additional Users. This will open a registration window. Fill in all of the required data and click OK to submit the request.

You will receive an email confirmation with the new username and a temporary password. The temporary password must be changed by using the link in the email before signing into the software.

18. Why can’t I generate extra User Id’s from the key?

The first person who installs the product key in the computer becomes the Administrator of the key. NOTE: Only the Administrator of the key can create five additional user IDs from the product key.

19. When I download a VIN from history in DLB, I receive an error saying “Vehicle configuration does not exist”. How do I access the history?

This is due to a permissions issue in the Vehicle Directory that was set. To resolve, change Vehicle Directory to one that you have permissions to write to.

  1. With DLB open, click File.
  2. Select Set Vehicle Directory.
    • Select a directory in which you have permissions.
    • The default directory is C:\Users\USER ACCOUNT\Diamond Logic Builder\Vehicle

20. Where can I access training material?

Please refer to the steps below to access training material. You can also contact a local International® or IC Bus® Dealer for assistance.

Users without access to the Training portal
  1. Navigate to:
  2. Register for a new account by entering the requested information on the right side of the page.
  3. Submit the form to register your account. You will automatically be logged into the Learning Management System (LMS).
  4. Select Course Catalog
  5. Select Service Training
  6. Select All Service Courses
  7. Scroll down to the course Name, click Select to enroll in the course.
    1. If a payment is required, a page will appear, click Select to enter payment information.
    2. After purchasing the course, click My Current Enrollments.
  8. If payment is not required, click the Play button to launch and view the course.
Users with access to the Training portal
  1. Log into the Training Portal
  2. Select Course Catalog
  3. Select Service Training
  4. Select All Service Courses
  5. Scroll down to the course Name, click Select to enroll in the course.
    1. If a payment is required, a page will appear, click Select to enter payment information.
    2. After purchasing the course, click My Current Enrollments.
  6. If payment is not required, click the Play button to launch and view the course.
21. As soon as I start the program I am getting an 812 code: An Internet Connection to the Server could not be established. What could be the problem?

Check your network settings and make sure you are actually connected to your network. If you are connected and still get the 812 code, you may have a network firewall that is not allowing the connection to be made to the server.

PLEASE NOTE: The Navistar Engine Diagnostics program will not function until the user has successfully logged in at least once while connected to the internet. The user may need to consult with the technical support staff if the Navistar Engine Diagnostics program cannot connect to the Navistar site. Error messages will be generated if connection to Navistar fails. Your internet firewalls must be configured to allow two-way communication to the following Navistar host names:


Be aware that the underlying IP addresses for these hosts are subject to change and may vary by region. When possible, grant access by host name rather than IP address.

22. I keep receiving Error Code 812 when trying to launch DLB. How can I launch the software?

To resolve this run the software as admin.

  1. Right click on the DLB Icon
  2. Click Open File Location
  3. Right click on Diamond Logic Builder.exe
  4. Click Run as Admin

An 812 code can also be triggered by the program when a connection can’t be established to the registration server. The most common problem is that your network security levels are not allowing for this. Consult your IT department for assistance.

If you are still unable to use the application after following the instructions above, you may not be set up as the PC Administrator. Please contact us at for assistance.

23. I bought my DLB CD through Nexiq or my dealer, do I have a paid subscription?
No. Any DLB CD purchased through Nexiq or your dealer is a one-time license and is not affected by the new product key licensing program.
24. Is it possible to update the version of DLB on the CD I purchased?
No. We are only updating the downloadable version of DLB.
25. Can I still purchase a product key through Nexiq?
Yes, although you can purchase product keys from this website as well.
26. Do I need a DLB Product Key if I have Level 2 or Level 3 access?
Yes. You can purchase a product key from this website, a local International® or IC Bus® Dealer, or from Nexiq at
27. Can I purchase a product key that has a duration for more than 1 year?
No. However, you can load multiple product keys to a single installation to increase the amount of time the software is valid.
28. Do I have to retake DLB training if I already have Level 2 or Level 3 access?
No. If you had Level 2 or Level 3 access on a different ID. Please contact the Product Support Center to have your access transferred to your new ID. Contact details can be found on the Contact Us page.
29. If I purchase DLB training, does it include a product key?
No. Training and software are now managed separately.
30. Do I need a product key for every computer I want to use Navistar software on?
Yes. Product Keys can only be used on one computer.
31. I have used ServiceMaxx in the past, does it mean I am an existing user of NED?
No. You need to create a user ID from NED or use an ID created from another Navistar application. Follow the installation software process on the website or read the User’s Guide.
32. What happens to my current version of ServiceMaxx™ Pro?
ServiceMaxx Pro J-1939 will continue to function and be supported until the software subscription has expired.
33. What happens to my current version of ServiceMaxx Lite?
ServiceMaxx Lite will continue to function but will no longer be supported as of January 18, 2017.
34. My PC was re-imaged. Can I get a new product key for Navistar Engine Diagnostics?
  • Dealers – Please submit case file with proof of purchase.
  • For all other customers – Please email
  • If you purchased your software from Nexiq, please contact Nexiq at (877) 905-6716.
35. Is there an equivalent version of ServiceMaxx Lite for Navistar Engine Diagnostics?
36. Will ServiceMaxx be updated after the final release?
37. Will my current version of ServiceMaxx continue to work for all current Navistar® engines?
Your current version of ServiceMaxx will continue to function for J-1939 up to model year 2016 MaxxForce® and Navistar engines. Once the next engine update is released, only Navistar Engine Diagnostics will receive this release; ServiceMaxx will not.
38. How will I know when my ServiceMaxx license is going to expire?
You can check when you current ServiceMaxx license will expire by following the steps below:
  1. Open ServiceMaxx
  2. Open the Help Menu
  3. Click Registration, registration box will pop up.
  4. Click OK, new box will pop up and show you when your license is set to expire.
39. What is the difference between NavKal™ and NavKal™ Pro?
NavKal supports calibration updating, on screen vehicle information display, ECM software version and upgrade availability and allows you to read and clear DTC’s.
NavKal Pro does all of the above as well as OEM controlled parameter updates and blank module programming.
40. I need more help, who can I contact?
Dealers should open an iKNow case file, customers can email
41. Do I have to be connected to the Internet to use NavKal™?
Please reference the Quick Reference Guide.
42. How do I get updates to NavKal™?
When you connect to the Internet and launch the software it automatically looks for and downloads the updates.
43. I received an error code from Navistar software. What does it mean and how do I fix it?
A dictionary and basic troubleshooting for 800 series error codes can be found in the Navistar Software 800 Codes document available here, and on each Navistar software page.
44. I have questions about the OnCommand® Parts Information Custom Parts Catalog products. Where should I start.
Please start with the OCPI Custom Parts Catalog FAQ document. If you still have questions, please send an email to