Frequently Asked Questions
1. What are the OS requirements needed to access this site?
There are no specific OS requirements for accessing this site, other than being able to support a minimum level web browser described below.
2. What are the Hardware requirements needed to access this site?
There are no specific hardware requirements for accessing this site other than supporting a minimum level web browser as described below. This site is designed to operate on numerous surfaces including smart phones, tablets and PCs
3. What are the Web Browser requirements for this site?
We take security of your data very seriously and therefore only support the latest encryptions. Your web browser must be capable of supporting TLS1.2 encryption. All the major, up to date, browsers support this already. If you cannot get to this site, try updating your browser, or switching to a different browser that is up to date.
4. How can I access a Cross-Reference Chart for Medium Duty Harness Repair?
Discontinued Harness and Connector components are listed in the description of the replacement parts and can be located by searching for the discontinued product. A copy of the Harness Repair Cross-Reference chart can also be obtained here.
5. I want to view order history for one of the locations I have access to. How can I access this?
You can access this feature by selecting the My Organization link in the My Account menu. If you have access to multiple locations, you will need to choose which location you want to review. The page that loads after you select a Dealer location is the Organization Profile. At the bottom of the page, you can access all of the Orders and Software Keys assigned to that location.
6. How do I extend my software subscription?
Extend time to a current subscription by entering an additional product key before the current subscription expires.
Video – Extend product key
7. How can I transfer my license to another computer?
  1. Open the application on the current computer.
  2. Click on Help > Registration > Unregister This machine > OK
  3. Input previous product key into application when installing on replacement computer.
Video – Unregister a machine