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New Shop Pro FXP 50/95
Product Number 788050DAV02-10
The DAVCO® Shop Pro FXP 95 is
a multipurpose shop floor tool, custom
designed to remove water and contaminants
from a diesel fuel tank, transfer diesel fuel
and prime heavy duty diesel engines. The
Shop Pro FXP 95 has been upgraded with
three-layer filtration, easy-to-service VOSS
connectors, larger sight tube, and a new
electrical box on a lighter, smaller cart.

2022 Improvements
• Smaller, lighter cart is easy to move and transport.
• Three layer filtration removes more water from low IFT
diesel fuel. Uses filters already in your stock.
• New location of larger sight tube.
• Voss fittings on serviceable parts.
• Closed electrical box and 120VAC connection uses
standard extension cord.
• Lower center of gravity, easier to maneuver.

• Primes Diesel Engines
- 95PSI setting opens the two stage valve on
DETROIT® engines for complete fuel system priming.
- Eliminates the use of hand priming pumps after
performing maintenance.
- Uses on-board fuel to prime engines and filters.
- Eliminates cross contamination of fuel.
• Filters and transfers fuel in one operation.
- Transfers fuel when repairing tanks.
- Transfers fuel for trucks being sold or taken out of
• Tank Cleaning
- Uses a flexible wand to reach all parts of tank.
- Sight tube shows when tank is clean.
- Removes water and contaminants from diesel fuel
storage or vehicle tanks.

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Applicable to:
Medium Duty , Heavy Duty , 2013 N13 w/SCR , 2015 N13 w/SCR , HV , LoadStar , LoneStar , LT , PayStar , ProStar , High Pressure Oil / Fuel System
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