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OnCommand® Parts Information Custom Catalog for Chassis on USB
Product Number CPC-01-C

Up to 10 individual VINs/ESNs can be put on one USB. Additional copies of the USB can be purchased at a discounted price. Quantity added to the cart will refer to the number of identical USB’s purchased. Discounts for purchasing multiple copies of the USB will be reflected in the cart.

Get OnCommand Parts Information on USB, customized to include the parts that fit your specific International® Truck or IC Bus® chassis or engine.

Search for Navistar® Parts by Chassis
Powerful search capabilities on the USB enable users to quickly search through the group, parts description index or part number index to quickly find the right part and illustration.

Search for Navistar Parts by Engine Serial Number (ESN)
OnCommand Parts Information may also be ordered for specific International engines one. All the same detailed information and features are available but without the chassis information.

OnCommand Parts Information includes:

  • Navigation guide
  • Line set ticket
  • Group breakdown
  • Parts description index directly linked to corresponding illustrations
  • Part number index directly linked to corresponding illustration
  • Non-OEM parts are provided, but we do not provide a breakdown of the assembly

Custom Catalogs:

  • Are not available for International chassis numbers that were built before 1992
  • Only offered in English

Pricing dependent on options chosen. **Not returnable**
Custom Parts Catalog Requirements
The following fields are required to purchase a Custom Parts Catalog.
Catalog Title
Please enter the title you would like to use for the Custom Parts Catalog.
Serial Number
Please enter the Engine Serial Number or Chassis Number for the Engine or Vehicle you would like a Custom Parts Catalog for. Please note that Engine and Chassis catalogs MUST be ordered separately.
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Applicable to:
Chassis Software
List of Documents
OCPI Custom Parts Catalog FAQ (en)
Product and price information are subject to change without notice.