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Basic Service Repair Kit
Product Number RR2014TR
This tool kit includes tooling used to overhaul the Endurant XD transmission. The kit includes the following tools:
RR1095TR - Input Bearing Guide RR1096TR - Input Bearing Driver RR1097TR - Countershaft Bearing Guide RR1098TR - Countershaft Bearing Nut RR1099TR - Countershaft Pilot Guide Lower RR1100TR - Countershaft Pilot Guide Upper RR1101TR - Input Bearing Capture Plate RR1102TR - Countershaft Remover Press Tool RR1103TR - Countershaft Puller Screw RR1104TR - Input Bearing Puller Screw
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Applicable to:
Heavy Duty , Eaton Endurant XD , 13 Transmission
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